Guido Aurisicchio was born in Naples (Italy).
He approaches painting since the seventy years beginning the first instructive experiences.
He comes into contact with the neapolitan artistic environment and carries out researches concerning with visual perception.
In 1976 he moves to Rome and begines the experimentation, (going deep into) methodically studying in depth all that concerning art side, urged by a (strong) deep interior necessity.
The real operating period begins in 1989, after having seen the Mirò posthumous exhibition (Rome), with his last works.
The basic reason which has led him to the painting way consisted in the impossibility of expressing his unconscious (seething) world seething.
For many years on end the research work, as said, developed on art experimentation and consideration plan and all that, in artist's opinion, is connected to, on any experience level, even if apparently distant. The main point is he detect a thread, too finest, which lead to art: that's a full of difficulties and hindrances way.
His studies on the C.G.Jung's psychology, meditation and Zen of course were decisive factors.
Well, in 1989 the Mirò's exhibition, the last Mirò, the one used to paint blobs of paint, sets off the magic: that had been an inconstant and hard-fought experience becomes continuous, anyway remaining hard-fought.
In such period Guido Aurisicchio adjusts a personal technique based in the use of poor materials: sponges, rags, old brushes, wood and others. He uses acrylic colours and so much water.
At first the work is informal, later takes shape and progressively leads the artist into the interior of a visionary world, in whitch a sensitive and careful observer may recognizes places of his own imagination or unconscious, as if the picture aimed at producing different and variegated inner resonances.
Aurisicchio has not been inspired particularly by any pattern besides that by himself has conceived; nevertheless he sincerely admires great artists as Bosh, Dix, Mirò, Bacon and Klee.


Group exhibitions:

1991/95 L'Arte nel Portico, Roma
1994 Il Narciso, Roma
1995 Arte Estate, Roma
1995 X Rassegna "Re di Roma"
1995 XI Rassegna "Re di Roma"
1996 XII Rassegna " Re di Roma"
1996 Spazioltre, Roma
1997 L'Ariete, Roma
2001 Galleria Arte-"Cortina", Roma
2004 XXXI Rassegna Internazionale Sulmona
2004 DARC "Il contemporaneo in cittą", Roma
2004 Premio "Museo G. Bargellini", Pieve di Cento (Bologna)
2004 Zoom - Studi Aperti, Roma
2005 Controcorrente, performance con videoinstallazione sul Tevere, Roma
2007 "Le conseguenze del colore",Comunasbarrio, Roma
2007 Fiera VITARTE, "In - visibil - arte", Viterbo
2007 "Quasi per gioco",Comunasbarrio, Roma
2008 Fiera ARTEcontemporaneamodernaROMA, Roma
2008 "Visioni dell'umanità", L.S. "E. Majorana", Roma
2008/09 Ashanti, Roma
2009 "Petali rossi", Zerouno, Barletta
2009 "Acqua", Mitreo, Roma
2009 "1000 artisti a palazzo", Cesano Maderno (

2009 "Circus", Comunasbarrio, Roma
2009 "Shopping bag=arte III edizione", Galleria Vittoria, Roma
"Apophis", Immagini da una Apocalisse annunciata, Roma
2009 "Immagina", Arte in Fiera, Reggio Emilia
2011 "2012-Sguardi sul Futuro", Lavatoio Contumaciale , Roma



Solo shows:

1990 Studio 99, Roma
1996 Spazioltre, Roma
1996 Casa delle Culture, Roma
1996 Caffè della Scala, Roma
2002 Galleria Arte-"Cortina", Roma
2009 "Scene dall'Universo", La cicala e la formica, Roma